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Folsom, CA

Dog Doodlez is the perfect place to get your custom hand-made pet portraits! 5% of the proceeds go to an animal organization of your choosing. Check out my past commission work and see if this is the type of portrait you want of your furry friend.


Do you have questions or want to learn more about Dog Doodlez? Email me at

About Me


My name is Britt Stark. I've been drawing dogs, cats and dragons ever since I can remember. From what my mom tells me, even at a young age I was a perfectionist when it came to coloring inside of the lines of my coloring book pages. I remember asking my family what they wanted me to draw for them, and no matter what they requested (even if I thought it was near impossible), I would give it my all even if it looked more like a monster more than an angel.


Everyone has to start somewhere, and like most, I started with stick figures with arms coming straight out of their head and “L’s” for legs. But I grew passionate about drawing, I loved to draw the things that I saw and make them as realistic as possible. Most people think that all artists have a huge imagination, and although it’s true at times, I think I was always more interested in the things that were already around me. Reality interested me enough already that I enjoyed drawing straight from life.



I took art classes as I got older, but I always saw it as a hobby. A thing I loved to do more than almost anything in the world, but never a career. But then when I took a graphic design class in high school, I realized that I could become the artist that I always wanted to be when I grew up. I proceeded to go to college to get a degree in Graphic Design at the University of the Pacific. There I took many fine art classes to learn how to become a better artist, and to find my style.


After graduating, I got a job as a full time Graphic Designer and decided to get a dog of my own. It was the first time I had a dog of my own. Growing up I had a Siberian Husky named Sydney, but after she passed my family went a long time without having a pet. I always liked nature and animals, but I never realized until I got Luna how much I really loved dogs.


Soon after getting Luna, I became your typical "crazy dog lady," from making dog blogs, taking my dog with me everywhere, constantly talking about dogs, volunteering at dog shelters, instantly becoming friends with another dog parent, etc. Out of all the crazy dog lady things I picked up, I grew fond of volunteering at shelters and animal adoption events the most. I loved making a difference in animals’ lives and finding them homes.


I had been volunteering for almost a year when I decided that i wanted to do do something for others and animals in need. That’s when I came up with the idea for Dog Doodlez, combining my long loved passion for art, and my recent revelation that four-legged animals are better than most two-legged humans. I decided to make a difference out of my hobby, and to start a business where I could draw the animals that people love so much and donate some of the proceeds to animals in need.


People often wonder what their purpose in life is, and they just sit around waiting for it like it’s a package in the mail. They think it’s something given to them, but I think it’s something that they have to give.

Thank you for your interest in Dog Doodlez and visiting the site. If you have any questions email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.